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Winelover's concept

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We regard as Winelovers all those who are able and willing to contribute to the culture of wine, on the basis of their experience and knowledge, freely expressing their ideas and their taste, following their instinct and making their own personal point.

In our opinion, rather just than passing a biased judgment on products – a judgment too often affected by prestigious or simply well advertised guides – we ought to focus on people and acknowledge that they are fully entitled to have their own opinion, however subjective. After all, exactly like a work of art such as a painting or a song, a goblet of wine, too, may well evoke entirely different emotions and feelings in different people. Thus we expect a Winelover to express whatever a given wine will lead him to express, according to his own personal life and attitude, the purpose being to share ideas and opinions as well as to compare your impressions with those of other Winelovers so as to foster one's personal growth as well as that of others thanks to a frequent, constructive exchange of views.

In view of the above, we intend to get as many people as possible involved in the project; as the number of comments you leave grows, we will eventually become a new reference model for the entire Italian wine industry – a model built on people rather than merely on products and wine bars, people who fully realize how useful and important it is to set up a community free from commercial restraints.

From now on, with the help of the comments you will leave through our app – from a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook, and so on – and leveraging present and future technology we will endeavor to breath new life into the history of a drink event the Ancients used to associate with the gods. Together with you, we shall make this dream come true, centered on people like you and us, in the hope of making Winemobile a virtual meeting point for all wine lovers.

There are many reasons to become a Winelover. Perhaps you have been wondering, “how can these two wines taste so different” - or maybe why they tasted quite alike but one had a fruity scent and the other a much more markedly tannic mouthfeel. Perhaps you found this underlying complexity fascinating, and perhaps you found it puzzling – if the latter is the case, do not despair. Just like you do not need a Ph.D. in chemistry and a thorough knowledge of pigments to become a good painter, you can enjoy

Winelovers/Winemobile even if you do not understand every single detail of what you see and taste. Moreover, your keenness to learn will certainly improve as you wade through countless new enthralling experiences – thanks to Winemobile, you'll always find your way in the world of wine.

Those who taste a wine and stop at that, without asking themselves any questions and without sharing their feelings, may well end up by drinking always the same kind of wine - “the one I like”. This means he'll never get a chance to explore an almost boundless Universe, ranging from great Italian wines to rising New World ones and from noble brands with a long history to others which may be less known but far from negligible in terms of quality.

Others make the opposite mistake: for example, favorably impressed by a given winemaking region, they spend a lot of time and money to learn their secrets, studying and tasting all different possible wines, purchasing hundreds of bottles, until they become really expert... yet only as far that single region is concerned. Specialization isn't a crime, of course - but just think of how many oenological gems you would have to forgo, should you decide to drink nothing else than Franciacorta or Bordeaux wines!

Some people believe that a “good” wine must be quite expensive - and so out of their reach. Yet a Winelover knows better: no doubt a highly renowned wine can be expected to be remarkable in many respects, but there still are hundreds of excellent yet reasonably priced wines, in terms of price/quality ratio. Besides, remember that very expensive wines are like luxury garments: great for formal occasions, hardly suited for everyday use.

A real Winelover doesn't have to be wealthy or devote long hours to wine. He should, however – we may say he must – be curious, open minded, inclined to experiment, prepared to look into other people's suggestions and experiences; he must be willing to listen and learn as well as to help others providing tips and advice. Above all, a Winelover harbors no prejudices and refuses to get ensnared by anyone's beliefs. Not even by his own! Why? Because he loves wine, just like a true artist loves art in all its manifestations. An artist placed before a masterpiece won't ask you who did it; he won't ask you which country the author is from, nor will he ask – God forbid – how much does it cost; he also won't repeat the words of some self-appointed critic. At first, the true artist will simply gaze in admiration, instinctively and immediately, insofar that masterpiece is intrinsically part of his own culture and of his own attitude. Any other considerations will have to wait.



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Winelover's concept
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