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Our goal in developing Winemobile was to share our love for the world of wine with the largest possible number of people. Each of us comes from a different business sector, but we share the firm belief that what you most need to be successful in an enterprise is enthusiasm – being driven by the joy of giving birth to something new and useful, without the constraints and the compromises entailed by a merely commercial approach. This is why led us to step forward with this project.

Two key factors make our initiative unique: we aim to make the culture of wine more widely known and appreciated, but we are not going to do so “for you” - rather, “with you”. We wish you to get really involved and excited right from the start, feeling entitled to showcase your experiences and describe your preferences; we would like to support you in sharing your opinion and your point of view with anyone may be interested.

Therefore, we don't mean to confine ourselves to the connaisseur only, and even less to the amateur only. Our proposal is meant to address any wine-related issue anyone may have, no matter why and to what extent you may be interested in wine. Mind, you don't have to collect highly expensive wines to be able to appreciate wine as you should. Nor will you need to devote years to the study of wine - it can certainly be regarded as a complex and fascinating subject, and you will likely become keener to learn as you experience and understand: each of us has a right to develop his own opinion on a given cru and debate which wine may best match a given food, simply on the basis of your own habits and taste.

You won't have to spend a dime to exploit Winemobile: we want you to be able to find what you are looking for – be it a kind of wine, some information, a little help, or even just the opportunity to leave a comment – in a simple, rapid, effortless way, wherever you may happen to be at the time without having to fork out money. We want you feel like some who joins a group of friends rather than the user of a some commercial service.

By allowing you to add your own comments we provide an opportunity to adopt an entirely new approach. Each one of you all can improve the world of wine lovers in a proactive and highly effective manner, leading the industry to offer a wider selection of wines, making product range and opening hours more widely known, keeping up high quality standards and, of course, helping persuade people that in the end a courteous and helpful attitude always pays off.

It is often said that there is no point in doing something well if you aren't actually doing something good – something which may be regarded as a sort of service to anyone who might be interested. This is pretty much our philosophy!



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